He along with refused to believe that the brand new rap artist is homosexual even with the most obvious clues on the contrary

Riley Freeman is the deuteragonist of the 2005 Adult Swim transferring Program The new Boondocks rencontres chaudes vidéo. He could be Huey Freeman’s younger sister and Robert Freeman’s youngest grandson. He’s a keen 8–year-old exactly who emulates the fresh new gangster lives. He and others aren’t make reference to your once the “Riley Escobar”, “More youthful Reezy”, and you can “New Fundraiser”.


Riley try particularly shown which have long cornrows braided on the back. He has brownish eyes, wears a white tank finest, blue trousers, purple timberland boots otherwise the guy possibly wear a white tshirt which have a great maroon enough time sleeve top beneath it for example the guy performed from inside the specific symptoms in year that. The guy looks same as Huey Freeman regarding the deal with since one another of brothers look-alike. Inside year 3 event The fresh new Fundraiser, he football various other dresses.

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Riley was an incredibly impressionable third grader. The guy welcomes the newest stereotypical “gangsta” existence, creating their best to render the brand new urban community on the researching suburb from Woodcrest. Influenced by this new media thru rap musical and tv, the guy frequently spends worst grammar, and you may tends to protect their idols although their imitations wade up against a wise practice and you may righteousness. One of these was his assistance off Roentgen. Kelly in the “The latest Trial from R. Kelly”, even after overwhelming evidence showing Kelly’s shame, Riley thinks he should not need to lose out on his second record due to Kelly gonna prison. This is exactly next shown during the “The story away from Gangstalicious Region dos” where the guy clothing inside the effeminate clothing because Gangstalicious created the layout. As a way to after that emulate the lifestyle he praises, he gathers airsoft weapons and you can tags house, since the shown into the “The backyard Group” and you will “Riley Wuz Here”.

Riley appears to have a reasonable level of violent aptitude, as well as demonstrated when he aided package the newest kidnapping regarding Oprah Winfrey, and extra exhibited because of the their criticisms out-of Ed Wuncler III and you can Gin Rummy because of their lack of criminal understand-just how in “Let’s Nab Oprah”.

Even after their pretensions quite the opposite, Riley can be intelligent since the their aunt. In a lot of days, he or she is been shown to be extremely ingenious and you may practical, and you will “beats” Tom, an area lawyer, inside a disagreement more R. Kelly’s confinement and you can demonstration. Perhaps on account of idolizing the new gangsta rap life he generally seems to keeps a level of road smarts maybe as high because their cousin, commonly in a position to shape factors by way of lying and you will reverse mindset. He refers to while the entering another person’s “intellectual notice”. Riley is quite brash and will commonly get into situations in place of offered very first, also and make him an issues founder. They are along with quite edgy and does not hear anyone, specifically Huey and you may Granddad. He could be savagely sincere to the level to be extremely rude.

Riley overestimates themselves extremely. Assuming themselves is phenomenally competent into the baseball however in facts which have zero particularly skill. An equivalent is actually found in kickball.

Riley generally seems to need high fulfillment in poking fun from the almost every other somebody, possibly to the point where Huey or Robert need to strike your to make him end, although such as for example disciplinary measures usually have zero impact on their decisions. He in addition to keeps grudges; he has good grudge, such, against Santa claus for not getting your just what he desired having Xmas when the guy stayed in the fresh new ghetto, and you may went as much as so you can stem and you will assault Mall Santa’s that have airsoft weapons (“An effective Huey Freeman Christmas time”).