All canine throughout the litter keeps a definite identity

For each and every ballplayer try a definite entity

dissent (dis ENT) vi. step 1. to have a different religion or thoughts; differ, commonly having out-of; dos. to refuse the latest philosophy from a reliable faith -n. brand new work from disagreeing, specifically an appropriate view against the majority’s; religious nonconformity • Bulls and you can contains dissent from 1 some other inside their inventory pick agreements. • Henry VIII’s dissent with the pope was the cause of development of one’s Anglican Chapel. • Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. penned specific very greatest dissents while in the his name on the Ultimate Courtroom. [-ed, -ing]

unlike (dis SIM we loer) adj. not alike; different • Animals have quite unlike character traits, on puppy trying please both you and the pet thinking this is your business so you can excite it. • Twins Bob and you will Beam features different work in the mobile phone providers; Bob’s in the businesses, and Ray’s an operator. [-ity letter., -ly adv.] [Syn. different]

dissipate (DIS i PAYT) vt. 1. to break up-and spread out; dispel; disperse; 2. to operate a vehicle totally away; build decrease; step 3. so you can spend otherwise eliminate • The fresh new ascending sunshine can help to evaporate new fog. • Definitely, it’s not going to completely dissipate through to the sun’s rays have acquired good possible opportunity to dry up all of the h2o droplets. • Try not to dissipate all times in search of an effective leprechaun. [-d, dissipating] [Syn. scatter]

distinct* (dis TEENKT) adj. 1. not exactly the same; different; dos. different; individual; separate; step 3. obviously thought or designated of; clear; plain; 4. well defined; unmistakable; certain • • • •

All of the college or university bus has a distinct serial count

identify (dis TING want to) vt. step one. to differentiate; so you’re able to sense otherwise show the real difference within the; to tell apart; 2. is an essential feature out of; characterize; step three. to help you ous or preferred; provide improvement so you can • Rubies and you will sapphires can be easily celebrated regarding both of the colour. • Stiffness distinguishes actual diamonds out of phony of these. • This new Dewey Quantitative Program helps us to recognize a book by the its cover. • “The brand new well known senator away from (your state)” are a subject regarding review and you may admiration. [-ed, -ing, -ready adj., -ably adv.] [Syn. discriminate]

distort (dis TAWRT) vt. step 1. to twist out of contour; replace the regular figure, form, otherwise look of; 2. to misrepresent; misstate; pervert • Plastic dolls and step data are easy to distort. • Martin’s writeup on Korea certainly distorts the details. [-ed, -ing, -emergency room n.] [Syn. deform]

diversion* (di Observar zhuhn) n. step one. a spinning aside; 2. distraction off interest; 3. anything that distracts the interest, such an interest otherwise an entertainment • Diversion of one’s Texas River owing to tunnels allowed the new Hoover Dam to get based close Las vegas. • Japan attacked the new Aleutians within the The second world war given that a great diversion to attract America’s attract out-of Midway. • Half a dozen Flags provides diversion at multiple amusement parks. divination (DIV we NAY avoid) n. step one. a seeking expect the future or look at the new unknown from the mode beyond person expertise; dos. a beneficial prophecy; prediction; foreknowing; step 3. a proper suppose otherwise a great intuition • Divination was tend to included in the outdated Western so you can us’s stock and change is actually divination. • Individual who works into the divination might be referred to as a great happy guesser. • Divination was ESP (not ESPN).

Quick Comment #31 Satisfy the keyword of column 2 toward phrase of line 1 which means very almost a similar thing. step one. dispersal

divisive (di VYS iv or di VIS iv) adj. causing office, especially ultimately causing dispute otherwise dissension • Whether to rating an additional puppy is good divisive thing to own Lois and you may Jeremy. • And that bills should be paid down first is oftentimes an excellent divisive matter to own newly wedded couples and you will long time lovers the exact same. divulge (div UHLDZH) vt. and then make identified; disclose; unveil; inform you • The fresh newspaper reporter try required not to divulge the reason away from his very sensitive pointers. • Basically was to reveal to you the key techniques one were mixed up in while making of the device, I would must shoot your. [-d, divulging] [Syn. reveal]